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Inflamed frenulum: What it is and how to cure it.

Inflamed frenulum: What it is and how to treat it. We talk about it with the Dr. Fabio Castiglione Andrologist in London and Urologist in London.

Doctor Fabio Castiglione Italian Urologist in London, Consultant at medical clinic HolisticAndrology< /a> and Diga33. The centers use a therapeutic approach based on the most recent clinical studies, on the guidelines of the international scientific societies of sexual medicine of which Doctor Castiglione is a member of the commission.

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What is a frenulum?

The frenulum of the penis is the elastic fold of skin that joins the underside of the glans (the tip of the penis) with the inner surface of the foreskin. Its function is to help the foreskin contract over the glans. A frenulum that has inflammation can be subject to a chronic inflammatory process, which can favor situations that lead to sexual problems or pain during intercourse until it breaks and bleeds.

Why does the frenulum become inflamed?

Most of the problems related to the frenulum sare due to its length. A short frenulum, sometimes called short frenulum, occurs when the band of fabric is too short; causing pain during sexual intercourse. This appearance often occurs during the age of puberty, with the onset of sexuality. In this period, with the first sexual experiences, the frenulum is solicited and it is possible to experience pain. The occasional twinge doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong, but it's important to pay attention to your body's signals. If you notice repeated or continuous pain, in or around the foreskin, penis, scrotum or testicles, it is best to seek advice from a Urologist in London or to an Andrologist in London< u>.

We must also remember that one of the main reasons for the short frenulum< /span> is the continuous contact with urine. You must always remember to retract the foreskin when urinating !!!

Why it is important to immediately contact a Urologist in London or in an Andrologist in London.

The penis can be subject to various pathologies that can present similar symptoms but have different treatments. A short frenulum and congested for example, it can increase the risk of infections. In the case of a short frenulum, a possible consequence is which can tear (rupture of the frenulum), which in itself it is not a problem; but if scar tissue forms it becomes even less flexible and the problem gets worse. Furthermore, the problem may not be the frenulum but you may have other pathologies such as: Peyronie's disease, balanitis, phimosis or paraphimosis. Seeing a Urologist in London or an Andrologist in London is important for recognizing the causes and identifying the correct therapy.

A twinge or pain that persists for two or three days indicates a problem. This is the time to consult a Urologist in London or an Andrologist in London. As specified in the previous paragraph, a specialist is able to exclude other pathologies and indicate the correct therapy to quickly restore the situation.

What treatments are available for an inflamed frenulum?

Once the causes of the inflammation have been established, the specialist will be able to identify the best therapy. Steroid creams, antibiotics and in some cases surgery are the options available. There are several surgical techniques that can be used, including reparative plastic surgery (frenuloplasty), resection of the frenulum (phrenulectomy), or circumcision.

Inflamed Frenulum - Treatment options are:

1. Remark: no specific treatment in mild cases.

2. Steroid cream: steroid cream can solve the problem in the early stages of scarring, in case of partial rupture of the frenulum.

3. Penile Frenuloplasty is simply a foreskin release operation. An incision is made transversely across the frenulum and a vertical seam lengthwise, thus allowing for complete release of the frenulum. This will allow you to keep the foreskin, but at the same time avoid further trauma to the frenulum.

4. Circumcision means that the foreskin is removed especially in association with the tight foreskin (Phimosis). The advantage of circumcision is that once the foreskin is removed, you won't have any problems related to it. However, the head of the penis is permanently exposed after circumcision which is an irreversible procedure.


Frenuloplasty or Frenulotomy is simply the surgical alteration of a frenulum, when its presence limits the range of motion between the interconnected tissues. A frenulum is a small fold or band of tissue that fixes or limits the movement of a movable organ in the body. There are several frenulas in the body, by lifting the tongue in the mouth we immediately find one for example. In relation to the penis, the frenulum is a band of skin on the underside of the penis, between the foreskin and the glans (head of the penis). Often the foreskin is completely normal, but the frenulum may be short or partially broken due to previous tears. The frenulum can basically have these types of problems: being too short (short frenulum), breaking and bleeding (broken frenulum).

Inflamed frenulum or short frenulum operation: Frenuloplasty

Individuals may have a short frenulum or it may be very sensitive and frequently inflamed, affecting sexual life. In both cases, sexual activity can be painful for men, which is why they are offered an operation for the short frenulum: the Frenuloplasty. Frenuloplasty is therefore performed in cases where it causes discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. In some cases it may become necessary in uncircumcised men, who have problems with the tightness of the foreskin.

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Inflamed frenulum - Short frenulum operation - indications:

· Difficulty retracting the foreskin from the glans during an erection.

· Pain in the abdominal region of the penis during an erection.

Bleeding from the frenulum after sex.

· Frenulum scars after minor injuries during sex.

If you want to clarify some aspects, book a visit with Dr. Fabio Castiglione Italian Urologist in London.

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